We are a software house

We’re a team of more than 100 people using agile methodologies to create high-quality products for our clients. Because of this, we’re never standing still. We’re constantly seeking and experimenting with different product development best practices to improve the team’s happiness and how we integrate all of our cross-functional skills in Engineering, Design, Support, Operations and Management.

  • 2018


    We’re more than 100 people and there’s so much to share. Check our blog.


    Telpark achieves a total of 980.000 users.

  • 2017


    We have moved to an awesome new office, which allows us to be all on the same floor, together. Company spirit strives!

  • 2016


    A group of cinema enthusiasts at Premium Minds create a 23' comedy movie about our life at the company. The movie titled "O dia em que o Soares não comeu a primeira fatia" was exhibited during the Christmas dinner.


    We get our first transatlantic customer and we are now deploying in Miami.


    Winphar achieves a total of 10M medicines electronically dispensed.

  • 2015


    Newspaper Expansión appoints Telpark the app of the year in Spain.


    We launch Telpark at 50 cities in Spain at the same time.


    PME Excelência'14.

    We are considered one of the Best Companies to Work by Exame Magazine and we win the "Excelência no Trabalho 2014" award by Diário Económico / Human Resources Magazine.

  • 2014


    PME Excelência'13.

  • 2013


    We have processed 1,703,501 real-time payments and have hardly changed the original solution since 2005.


    Over 50% of our sales are exports, mainly to Spain and Switzerland.

  • 2012


    We are more than 20 and have to move again to a new office, but Super Mario comes with us.


    We accept the challenge. We are now responsible for the development of Winphar, with more than 400 pharmacies as customers.

  • 2011


    The architects (now a team) win again and HumanFlow becomes our first product coded in Java.


    Scrum wins the sprint, and we adopt it throughout the company.

  • 2010


    We are more than 10. Time to move to a new office, and stick Super Mario to a wall.


    Lisbon on-street enforcement squads start using a mobile application written entirely by us, doubling their productivity.

  • 2009


    Our system admins predict the future and install XEN. Our dev team can now easily create continuous integration environments.

  • 2008


    Our first software architect wins the argument and we start refactoring Gpark from the ground up to a proper MVC architecture

  • 2005


    We have just integrated our solutions with SIBS and started processing ATM payments in real time.


    You can now pay your parking meter by phone with Teleparque.

  • 2003


    We are building Gpark with PHP. It’s our first software and the challenge is big: we have to synchronize offline PDAs that are in permanent use on the street.

On June 2002, Premium Minds was born, built on Values

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