Responsibility and Autonomy: the core of our culture

We understand that a strong company culture emerges from meaningful human interactions. That's why we place immense value on responsibility and autonomy, making them central to everything we do. Our shared office space is more than just a workplace; it's a home where these values come to life, fostering a community of innovation and collaboration.

  • Alexandre Duarte

    Alexandre DuarteSoftware Engineer

  • Alexandre Fernandes

    Alexandre FernandesFinance & Administration Advisor

  • Ana Martins

    Ana MartinsQuality Engineer

  • André Alves

    André AlvesSoftware Engineer

  • André Amado

    André AmadoSoftware Engineer

  • André Camilo

    André CamiloChief Technology Officer

  • André Garção

    André GarçãoSoftware Engineer

  • André Mendes

    André MendesQuality Engineer

  • André Nicolau

    André NicolauSoftware Engineer

  • André Silva

    André SilvaSoftware Engineer

  • André Soares

    André SoaresSoftware Engineer

  • André Vaz

    André VazOperations & Support Engineer

  • Andreia Calisto

    Andreia CalistoUI Designer

  • António Pereira

    António PereiraSoftware Engineer

  • António Vilaça

    António VilaçaOperations & Support Engineer

  • Bernardo dos Santos

    Bernardo dos SantosSoftware Engineer

  • Bruno Santos

    Bruno SantosSoftware Engineer

  • Bruno Silva

    Bruno SilvaQuality Engineer

  • Carlos Cardoso

    Carlos CardosoSoftware Engineer

  • Carlos Norte

    Carlos NorteOperations & Support Engineer

  • Carlos Santos

    Carlos SantosIT Engineer

  • Carlos Sousa

    Carlos SousaSoftware Engineer

  • Catarina Lima

    Catarina LimaSoftware Engineer

  • Catarina Machuqueiro

    Catarina MachuqueiroSoftware Engineer

  • Cláudia Duarte

    Cláudia DuarteManagement Support

  • Cláudio Ribeiro

    Cláudio RibeiroSoftware Engineer

  • Daniel Bento

    Daniel BentoSoftware Engineer

  • Daniel Guerra

    Daniel GuerraSoftware Engineer

  • Daniel Santos

    Daniel SantosQuality Engineer

  • Danilo Suaiden

    Danilo SuaidenProduct Manager

  • David Pinto

    David PintoProduct Manager

  • Diogo Ferreira

    Diogo FerreiraSoftware Engineer

  • Diogo Figueiredo

    Diogo FigueiredoProduct Manager

  • Diogo Martins

    Diogo MartinsSoftware Engineer

  • Diogo Sousa

    Diogo SousaAdministrative Assistant

  • Eduardo Barrancos

    Eduardo BarrancosSoftware Engineer

  • Filipa Lopes

    Filipa LopesTalent Acquisition

  • Filipe Fernandes

    Filipe FernandesSoftware Engineer

  • Filipe Larga

    Filipe LargaSoftware Engineer

  • Filipe Roque

    Filipe RoqueSoftware Engineer

  • Filipe Roxo

    Filipe RoxoSoftware Engineer

  • Francisco Areia

    Francisco AreiaProject Manager

  • Francisco Silva

    Francisco SilvaSoftware Engineer

  • Gil Brandão

    Gil BrandãoSoftware Engineer

  • Gonçalo Andrade

    Gonçalo AndradeSoftware Engineer

  • Gonçalo Serrano

    Gonçalo SerranoOperations & Support Engineer

  • Guilherme Mascarenhas

    Guilherme MascarenhasSoftware Engineer

  • Gustavo Castro

    Gustavo CastroSoftware Engineer

  • Hélder Freitas

    Hélder FreitasIT Engineer

  • Hugo Pinto

    Hugo PintoSoftware Engineer

  • Henrique Reynolds

    Henrique ReynoldsSoftware Engineer

  • Joana Araújo

    Joana AraújoUI Designer

  • Joana Botelho

    Joana BotelhoProduct Manager

  • Joana Correia

    Joana CorreiaQuality Engineer

  • Joana Velho

    Joana VelhoSoftware Engineer

  • João Almeida

    João AlmeidaSoftware Engineer

  • João Bernardo

    João BernardoSoftware Engineer

  • João Deodato

    João DeodatoSoftware Engineer

  • João Mendes

    João MendesSoftware Engineer

  • João Neves

    João NevesSoftware Engineer

  • João Oliveira

    João OliveiraSoftware Engineer

  • João Olívia

    João OlíviaProduct Manager

  • João Pargana

    João ParganaSoftware Engineer

  • João Pimenta

    João PimentaSoftware Engineer

  • João Pinto

    João PintoDevOps Engineer

  • João Portilheiro

    João PortilheiroProduct Manager

  • João Santos

    João SantosWeb Developer

  • João Silva

    João SilvaSoftware Engineer

  • João Tripa

    João TripaOperations & Support Engineer

  • Joaquim Simas

    Joaquim SimasSoftware Engineer

  • Jorge Godinho

    Jorge GodinhoSoftware Engineer

  • José Coelho

    José CoelhoSoftware Engineer

  • José Lages

    José LagesWeb Developer

  • José Serrano

    José SerranoSoftware Engineer

  • Mafalda Barrela

    Mafalda BarrelaSenior Administrative Assistant

  • Manuel Osório

    Manuel OsórioProduct Manager

  • Marco Costa

    Marco CostaSoftware Engineer

  • Margarida Mendes

    Margarida MendesPeople & Culture Ambassador

  • Margarida Umbelina

    Margarida UmbelinaTalent Acquisition

  • Maria Dantas

    Maria DantasPeople Operations

  • Mariana Pereira

    Mariana PereiraUX Designer

  • Marina Gomes

    Marina GomesSoftware Engineer

  • Marisa Monteiro

    Marisa MonteiroQuality Engineer

  • Massilon Lourenço

    Massilon LourençoSoftware Engineer

  • Miguel Dumiense

    Miguel DumienseSoftware Engineer

  • Miguel Martins

    Miguel MartinsSoftware Engineer

  • Miguel Matos

    Miguel MatosDevOps Engineer

  • Miguel Maurício

    Miguel MaurícioOperations & Support Engineer

  • Miguel Tavares

    Miguel TavaresSoftware Engineer

  • Mónica Silvério

    Mónica SilvérioChief Client Officer

  • Nelson Macedo

    Nelson MacedoChief Information Security Officer

  • Nuno Gonçalves

    Nuno GonçalvesSoftware Engineer

  • Nuno Pimenta

    Nuno PimentaSoftware Engineer

  • Nuno Pires

    Nuno PiresProduct Manager

  • Patrícia Martins

    Patrícia MartinsQuality Engineer

  • Paulo Jesus

    Paulo JesusBusiness Development Manager

  • Paulo Oliveira

    Paulo OliveiraSoftware Engineer

  • Pedro Correia

    Pedro CorreiaSoftware Engineer

  • Pedro Dias

    Pedro DiasChairman

  • Pedro González

    Pedro GonzálezSoftware Engineer

  • Pedro Loureiro

    Pedro LoureiroSoftware Engineer

  • Pedro Magrito

    Pedro MagritoWeb Developer

  • Pedro Ribeiro

    Pedro RibeiroSoftware Engineer

  • Rafael Gaspar

    Rafael GasparSoftware Engineer

  • Ricardo Morais

    Ricardo MoraisSoftware Engineer

  • Ricardo Lapão

    Ricardo LapãoSoftware Engineer

  • Ricardo Pereira

    Ricardo PereiraOperations & Support Engineer

  • Rodrigo Dias

    Rodrigo DiasCEO

  • Rúben Bento

    Rúben BentoOperations & Support Engineer

  • Ruben Teixeira

    Ruben TeixeiraIT Engineer

  • Rui Costa

    Rui CostaSoftware Engineer

  • Rui Lopes

    Rui LopesHead of Quality

  • Rui Torres

    Rui TorresSoftware Engineer

  • Santiago Benito

    Santiago BenitoProject Manager

  • Sara Guerreiro

    Sara GuerreiroSoftware Engineer

  • Sara Rei

    Sara ReiAgile Coach

  • Sérgio Santos

    Sérgio SantosSoftware Engineer

  • Sofia Correia

    Sofia CorreiaDevOps Engineer

  • Susana Correia

    Susana CorreiaProduct Manager

  • Tiago Fonseca

    Tiago FonsecaData Scientist

  • Tiago Flores

    Tiago FloresSoftware Engineer

  • Tiago Robalo

    Tiago RobaloProduct Manager

  • Tiago Santos

    Tiago SantosChief People Officer

  • Vasco Ferreira

    Vasco FerreiraSoftware Engineer

  • Vera Dias

    Vera DiasProduct Manager

  • Vítor Caires

    Vítor CairesSoftware Engineer

  • Wilson Sulude

    Wilson SuludeTalent Acquisition

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An empty and long hall at Premium Minds' office. There's a small lounge, with couches and a small table with a plant on it, and multiple doors and windows to the various development teams' working areas.

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